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Tier 1 Institute Orthopedic Physician Dr. Shawn Stachler

Dr. Shawn Stachler


Dr. Shawn Stachler

Dr. Shawn Stachler earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and worked professionally as an engineer for three years earning a patent for one of his industrial fuel tank designs. Shawn was inspired by the care he received to repair an orthopedic injury and decided to go back to school to pursue Orthopedic Surgery. He obtained his medical degree from A.T. Still University in Kirksville Missouri, and completed his Orthopedic Surgery residency in Chicago at Franciscan St. James Health Systems / Midwestern University.

Dr. Stachler trained in nine different hospital systems in Chicago, training with over 70 different attending orthopedic surgeons in three different Level 1 Trauma centers in the third largest metropolitan area in the United States.

His particular areas of interest include pathologies or injuries of the hand and upper extremity, including arthroscopic procedures and joint replacement techniques in the shoulder. He trained extensively in all general orthopedic sports and fracture care and hip replacement, as well as the latest techniques and technologies involved in knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Stachler grew up in rural Ohio, working on farms, construction sites and in a body shop while attending school. He understands the rural work ethic and what it takes to get someone back to what they want to do. He has been an athlete at several levels as well; he was captain of his high school football and track teams and competed in numerous triathlons through medical school culminating in an IRONMAN length triathlon that took him over 14 hours to complete the 140.6 mile race. Dr. Stachler's other interests include building or fixing anything he can get his hands on, be it home renovations, motorcycles, or cars, with the eventual goal of building his own airplane.

With his mechanical understanding, technical skill and attention to detail, Dr. Stachler will be a great addition to our team here at Tier 1 Orthopedics.